sardine soap on a rope. kitchen essential, odour neutraliser. lemon and sea salt soap on a rope

Memories around the kitchen essentials

The kitchen table occupies a place of honor as the heart of the home...

The kitchen is often called the heart and soul of the home. It’s where meals and memories are made, where families and friends gather, where traditions are born, and where stories are told.

Whilst creating those exquisite memories and setting up new traditions, don't let the strong cooking smells distract anyone around you!

Let this kitchen candle and sardine, became part of your kitchen essentials!

Sardine soap-on-a-rope

Joyful sea salt and lemon scented kitchen collection that neutralises odours from the hands, inspired by fishing and maritime tradition, this soap is born from the exclusive combination of a 100% vegetable base, a sophisticated perfume made in Europe and a careful design. 

Boxes are decorated with fun and colourful motifs and can be hanged in any living areas or Kitchens. 

Lemon & Sea Salt Candle

Light a candle and let this invigorating scent fill the air with joy and lightness, as it neutralises any odours that remain after cooking.

Let yourself fall in love with this joyful piece that includes a lid to cover your candle when it is not being used. Made of cork, this material is sustainable and eco-friendly.

With aromatic notes of sea salt and lemon, our Sardine candle is perfect for kitchen use!